MSR Hubba

MSR Hubba

Something about the MSR Hubba single person tent from MSR makes it appear more sturdy and professional than many tents in the same class. Being optimally contoured for handling high wind and heavy downpours make it a great pack when the conditions will be questionable.

Quickly and easily set up, the Hubba can provide almost immediate shelter when needed. Light in weight and tightly packable, it’s just what a solo camper looks for in a tent.


The Hubba is praised by users for it’s outstanding ability to keep out the elements. High winds and heavy downpours are no match for it’s seemingly impervious rainfly. Feedback from one hiker claimed that the Hubba withstood winds upwards of 40mph.

Being limited on interior space is the price one must pay when choosing a single person tent. While there is almost no space inside for gear aside from a couple of mesh pouches, the exterior vestibule gives the user a reasonable amount of area to keep extra equipment covered.

The freestanding, easy to understand frame and pole system make setup quick and hassle free, even in the dark. The tall ceiling allows ample space for the sleeper to sit up and move around without restriction while inside. Optional guy lines are also included to increase stability in the aforementioned windy conditions.

For those who want to pack super light and don’t mind shaving gear to do it, an optional footprint can be purchased and used with the rainfly in place of the tent itself. While this is a popular method among those who are adamant about gear weight, some weather protection is certainly sacrificed.


One of the principal concerns with the MSR Hubba was the integrity of the zipper. While it wasn’t prone to breaking necessarily, users did report issues of binding and coming off the track. Other feedback included suggestions for better mesh pockets within or better placement of them altogether.

It was said that the pockets weighed down too easily and in turn caused the side of the tent to sag. While the wind blocking performance is said to be legendary, noise from the vestibule seemed to be an issue during strong gusts.


It’s hard to match the Hubba by MSR in terms of ruggedness and performance. Admittedly, for a single person tent it is a bit on the heavy side. This however, comes as the result of using higher strength and higher quality fabrics.

Most campers who are accustomed to inclement weather conditions won’t have a problem with carrying a little extra weight in exchange for a tent that can handle almost anything.